The Gang’s all Here

The Gang’s All Here

A number of years ago, Hampton High had a student gang in its midst. They called themselves The Cobraz. The Cobraz were a secret gang with select membership. They even had a sign of recognition with which they would salute each other. The Sign of the Cobraz was done by touching your right elbow with your left hand, extending your forearm upward and cupping your right hand and pointing it downward. In this position the right hand represented a cobra’s head.

How is it I know this secret sign? After the gang was disbanded one of the members shared some of the inner secrets. As it turned out, I had taught all of the members at one point or another.

Now when I say “a gang” it was really more of a fraternity. Their biggest transgression was spray-painting their name on the backs of out-buildings. In the realm of North American student gang activity this would be considered rather mild misconduct; however, it was a nuisance and needed to be dealt with. But who were The Cobraz and how would could they be caught?

About this time, the yearbook editors were busy taking photographs. School teams were being called down to the gymnasium and other groups were called to the library or other locations to have their pictures taken. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the school administration hatched a plan. It was considered to a long-shot but worth a try.

The following announcement was made, “During the morning break today, the members of The Cobraz are asked to come to the library to have their yearbook photo taken.”

You guessed it – they all showed up.

I don’t know exactly what criteria was needed to be accepted as a member of the Cobraz, but cleverness obviously wasn’t a prerequisite.

Occasionally I come across one of the guys in the community. I can’t help but flash him the Sign of the Cobraz.

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