Jump the Gun Part 2

Jump the Gun Part 2

…… continued from March 11

He WAS telling the truth, and I had just sent him out into the woods where there was an angry guy with a loaded handgun.

I hurried into the staffroom and contacted the town police. A short while later, a constable arrived and Calvin retold his story. The officer took Calvin out back to look for the gun.

About an hour later they returned. They didn’t find the gun. The stream wasn’t very deep; the officer figured the kid fished it out himself.

The constable took my contact information and said that he would be in touch when he had something to report. From this point on, the situation really didn’t involve me. It was more a matter for the police, the headmaster and, I suppose, the students involved.

A few days later, the headmaster told me that the police had tracked down the fellow who had the gun. Based on the description that was provided they had a pretty good idea who the kid was and were soon able to solve the mystery.

This is the rest of the story:

Apparently, Calvin’s girlfriend and a few other female students were walking out back when they came across some boys from the town. A conversation followed and some sort of agreement was struck. A sum of money was passed from the boys to the girls; however, the girls did not fulfill their end of the agreement. They kept the money.

The fellow who Calvin later tackled returned to his home and took a handgun out of his father’s gun cabinet. I don’t know if it was already loaded or if he loaded it himself, but he returned to the campus in search of his money. It was then he came across Calvin and his girlfriend. Calvin had no idea what was going on and assumed the gun was a toy.

I don’t know what the consequences were for the people involved but I know that Calvin didn’t get in any trouble.

Oh, and I did sign his gates card even though he was late. I figured he had a fairly good excuse.

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