Chronic Education #2

Chronic Education #2

During my time as principal of Macdonald Consolidated School most days started out in the same manner. The buses arrived, our students exited and the high school students transferred to their respective buses. More often than not it was a smooth transition with little disruption or incident. But occasionally . . . . . . . . . . .

On this particular day, a middle school student came to the office and reported that a child in grade 2 had a bag of marijuana on the bus. She explained that the young fellow had been holding the bag up for all to see and saying, “Look what I have – weeeeeed.”

After all the kids entered the classroom I asked the teacher if I could meet with J.P. out in the hallway. I told him what had been reported and asked if I could see his book bag. The look on his face alone told me he was guilty.

We entered the cloakroom. He admitted that what had been reported was true. At my request he opened his backpack and handed me a plastic sandwich bag that was partially filled with what looked like marijuana. He explained that it wasn’t marijuana but was something he found in the kitchen cupboard. As it turned out it was parsley.

I was thankful it wasn’t the real deal – that would have been a whole different manner. The inappropriate use of spices wasn’t a crime, but I wanted to know what had moved him to do this. In his own words he admitted that he just wanted to impress the older kids on the bus.

I asked, “But why parsley? How did you know to pick that particular herb?”

“It looks just like the stuff my mom smokes.”

Who knows, maybe she bakes with it too.


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