BEd Assignment

I am the youngest of three boys and there are eight years between me and my next oldest brother. I idolized these guys growing up. They inspired me in so many ways. We have grown up to be good friends. We get together often for coffee and look forward to our annual Man-Golf tour. Every two years we travel to Newfoundland together to spend time with family and friends. Our father, who only made it to grade 6, was so proud of the fact that his three sons accumulated a total of nine university degrees. Here’s a shout-out and a thank you to Ron and Daryl.

BEd Assignment

During my time at St. Thomas we were given an assignment to interview two seasoned teachers and ask each for two pieces of advice. I asked Sister McCloskey how we were to define seasoned. She said that two or more years experience would be fine. That was good – it meant I could interview my brothers.

I remember three of the four suggestions:

* Always check your fly before leaving the staffroom (I forgot one day);

* Always use the word spheres rather than balls. You’ll find yourself saying fewer embarrassing statements. For example, during the Calculation of the Force of Gravity experiment, by saying, “I now want you to roll your spheres down the incline” it actually sounds more scientific;

* Never forget the 5 W’s of teaching: Wisdom, Wit, Wits and What Works

Wisdom – Know your subject, know your students.

Wit – Keep a sense of humour. This is a serious business we are in but don’t take yourself too seriously.

Wits – Keep your wits about you. Listen, watch the body language, look at it from their perspective

And do What Works. If you remember the 5 W’s you’ll have a good career. (Thanks for that one Ron – you were right)


“You want cheerleaders who can spell.”

Gimme an H, … H; gimme an A, … A;

gimme a …a …a….


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