Student Teaching #1

I’d like to send a shout-out to Andrew Garrod, my grade 10 and 12 English teacher. He forced me into the drama program in grade 12 (that’s another neat story) and I was certain it was going to be a miserable time. On the contrary, I had an incredible experience. During my teaching career I went on to direct ten school musicals and I produced and stage-managed others. I credit him for lighting the spark and wrote him years ago to say thank you.

Student Teaching # 1

I did my BEd at St. Thomas University. I had also received acceptance at UNB but having received my BSc there I thought it would be nice to have the experience of another university setting. I had a thoroughly enjoyable year at STU and learned a great deal. More on that later.

My first internship was at St .Vincent’s High in Saint John. It was an all-girls school and was still, very much, a Roman Catholic school. It was a very welcoming staff and a number of the male teachers were baseball and golfing buddies with my oldest brother. Lynne Letson (Chemistry) and Pat Devlin (Physics) were my cooperating teachers and they were excellent. The nice thing about being a Protestant in a Catholic school was that I picked up an extra prep during catechism class.

That year the school organized a New York trip for the grade 12’s. It was to be during the March Break. One day in February I was sitting in the staff room and one of the Sisters entered. She turned to me and said, “I just had a thought. Do you know what the drinking age is in New York?” I answered, “I’m sorry Sister, I don’t. But I doubt if you will have any trouble getting into the bars.”

She wasn’t amused.

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