“Homework” and “Speaking of the Bible”

Here’s a shout-out to the Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain. I was an Aide-de-Camp for her during her term as New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor. She used her office as a platform from which to draw attention to issues associated with family violence. She was an inspiration to many and respected by all. I often declared that I would jump through hoops-of-fire for her. It is said that with some people you send time, with others you invest it. My time in her company was truly an investment in my betterment.


We had a young student at Macdonald Consolidated who never had his homework done. Both his teacher and I spoke to his parents on the matter. They were quite adamant that when he was home he was “on his own time” and that any school work should be done at school. They never reneged; the work he took home at the end of the day was never completed. It was very frustrating for the teacher.

The Family and Community Services Act stated that if an individual suspected any physical, emotional or sexual abuse or any neglect of a child, s/he was to call it in. The message was, “If in doubt – call.” This was clearly a case of neglect so I called it in. The person I spoke to took the information but said that unless there were other reported incidents that it would probably not be acted upon. I understood and realized that that department already had enough on its plate to worry about this matter; however, I was able to tell the teacher that I did something.

The pattern of zero homework continued and, with it, the teacher’s frustration grew. The District Office’s response was, “If the parents don’t cooperate, what can you do?” I had to agree. I suggested to the teacher that she just roll with it and try not to let it bother her. That was not to be the case.

She started sending him to my office each morning. He would have a note addressed to me saying, “Homework not done AGAIN”. I would take the note, thank him and send him back to class. After several days I grew tired of this so I gave him a note to take back to his teacher. It simply said, Hebrews 13:8. She never sent him to my office again.

FYI, Hebrews 13:8 states, Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today and forever.

Speaking of the Bible

This summer I attended three funeral services and made a number of funeral home visitations (I suppose I am at that age). According to Revelations 21:4, in heaven there is neither pain nor sorrow. So I have come to the conclusion that there can’t be any country music beyond the pearly gates.

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